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How it all started……

It all started with a German network interested in making a TV series about Jeanette, her career as a movie producer and her idea of transporting a slice of her home country to sunny California by creating a German restaurant with authentic food, beer and fun.

Jim, a renowned television producer himself,  started shooting the TV series around the creation and the launch of the restaurant . The show is currently in production.

Jeanette  designed a menu of traditional home made, artfully crafted, mouthwatering German dishes, which can be enjoyed for lunch, dinner and as a wide spread buffet during Sunday brunches.

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Jeanette and Jim

Jeanette and Jim


The founders of “Jeanette’s Edelweiss” are Jim & Jeanette  Milio. Jeanette was born and raised in Germany. She moved to the United States  15 years ago from Munich. Jeanette became one of Hollywood’s leading motion picture and television producers.  Missing her home town in Germany, her wish is  to create a little piece of Germany in here in California. She would like to show her fellow Angelinos the tasty and playful side of her beloved Germany. Her husband, Jim Milio, who has European roots himself, shares the idea. Jim is  Emmy Award winning writer/director/producer who’s  credits include the hit TV show Rescue 911, Dog Whisperer and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Jim loves cooking and  and always wanted to have his own restaurant. Jim & Jeanette’s dream and hope is for you to feel at home the moment you pass through the doors of Jeanette’s Edelweiss. Enjoy good food, fine German beers, and have a memorable time in the California version of Bavaria!


Brandy Powel - The General Manager and her Edelweiss Team

Brandy Powel - The General Manager and her Edelweiss Team

Jeanette's Edelweiss Team

The Jeanette’s Edelweiss team is focused on implementing the Jeanette’s Edelweiss mission and vision.

Our team aims to ensure that our customers  feel welcome and leave smiling.

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The team is lead by General Manager Brandy Powel.

Brandy is  with Jeanette’s Edelweiss since it opened its doors in April 2015.

Any question you may have feel free to email her at :


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