Our Menu is getting a new look & more exciting additions! coming very soon….

Our active menu is as follows:

Appetizers & Small Bites

Famous Jeanette’s Edelweiss Sausage Sampler Platter Bratwurst Teller (serves 1-2) — $14.99 Tasty variation of authentic German sausages served with mustard (GF).

Giant Party Pretzel— $9.99 Riesen Oktoberfest Bretzel Huge, freshly baked salted pretzel, soft inside with a crispy crust. Add lean Liverwurst spread and/or Obatzda cheese spread (each $2).

Regular Size Pretzel – $4.99

Oktoberfest Cheese Pretzel— $6.99

Käsebretzel Oktoberfest pretzel topped with melted cheese (VG) (Giant Party Pretzel add $5) Ham & Cheese Pretzel — $7.99 Käse-Schinkenbretzel Oktoberfest Pretzel topped with melted cheese & ham. (Giant Party Pretzel add $5)

German Potato Pancakes— $9.99 Reibekuchen mit Apfelmus Three potato pancakes, pan-fried until crispy, served with homemade applesauce & sour cream

Jäger Spätzle — $6.99 Fluffy German egg noodles topped with creamy mushroom gravy.

Hearty Lentil Soup— $5.99 Linsensuppe Lentils & vegetables cooked in a hearty vegetable & herb broth (GF)

Fresh German Bread Basket — $5.99 Assortment of freshly baked German breads & a small Pretzel


Authentic Black Forest Salad— $12.99 Fresh organic mixed greens, beets, traditional German Black Forest ham & bacon, garnished with fresh cheese & homemade pretzel croutons, tossed in a light mustard vinaigrette.

Chicken Schnitzel Salad — $13.99 Mixed farm greens topped, with mozzarella cheese, pretzel croutons & crispy chicken schnitzel strips. Served with a light mustard vinaigrette.


Potato Pancakes — $6.99 Two fried, crispy potato pancakes served with house-made apple sauce & sour cream.

Parsley Potatoes — $4.99 Boiled potato with butter and parsley (add gravy $2)

Steak Fries— $4.99 Thick cut crispy flavorful fries

Mixed Salad – $4.99 Organic farmers mixed greens tossed in a light vinaigrette.

Red Cabbage — $4.99 German style homemade tangy red cabbage slowly cooked with apple mousse.

Cucumber Salad — $4.99 German style cucumber salad. Thinly sliced cucumber with fresh dill, wisps of red onion & herbs in a creamy dressing.

Roasted Potatoes — $5.99 Bratkartoffeln – Traditional German roasted sliced potatoes pan fried to crisp perfection.

Spätzle — $5.99 Light, fluffy German egg noodles. Add gravy, or Jaeger sauce (add $2).

Authentic German Sauerkraut— $4.99 This traditional, classic of pickled cabbage, is cooked low & slow with herbs and spice.


Traditional German Bratwurst — $14.99 Traditionelle Bratwurst Two traditional, flame-grilled bratwursts, served with flavorful sauerkraut & German style roasted potatoes, Home-made Oktoberfest mustard on the side (GF). Pair a German beer: Hofbrau Lager

Koelsche Currywurst — $15.99 Two lean, mild bratwursts in a sweet & tangy, mild curry sauce, served with steak fries & cucumber salad (GF). Pair a German beer: Koelsch

Spicy Bratwurst — $15.99 Two mildly spicy, flame-grilled premium pork sausages, served with flavorful sauerkraut & German style roasted potatoes, Jeanette’s spicy aioli on the side (GF). Pair a European beer: Grimbergen Dubble

Authentic Bavarian Weißwurst — $15.99 Two boiled, mild, lean veal & pork sausages in broth flavored with hints of lemon & parsley. Served with an Oktoberfest Pretzel & sweet German mustard on the side (GF). Pair a German beer: Grapefruit Weizen

Authentic Cheese Bratwurst — $18.99 Käsekrainer Two flavorful, lean veal & pork sausage refined with melted cheese inside, served with flavorful sauerkraut & German style roasted potatoes. Home-made Oktoberfest mustard on the side (GF). Pair a beer: Jeanette’s Honey Blond

German Style Ham Hock — $29.99 Schweinshaxe A Bavarian Tradition: Pig’s Knuckle marinated over days, roasted to crisp perfection, served with flavorful sauerkraut & Oktoberfest dumplings. Pair a German beer: Hofbrau Dunkel

Wiener Schnitzel — $16.99 Your choice of chicken, pork, or veal (add $5), dusted with a thin layer of breading, fried to perfection, with steak fries and cucumber salad. Pair a German beer: Bitburger Pilsner

Traditional German Sauerbraten— $21.99 Premium beef marinated for days in a mixture of red wine, vinegar, fresh vegetables, herbs & spices, then roasted to bring you a tender, juicy experience like no other. Topped with a mildly sweet gravy & served with Oktoberfest dumplings & tangy red cabbage. Pair a German beer: Hofbrau Dunkel

Creamy Jäger Schnitzel — $17.99 Jäger-Rahm Schnitzel Your choice of chicken, pork, or veal (add $5), lightly breaded & fried to perfection. Topped with a creamy mushroom gravy, served with Spätzle (Jäger Spätzle, add $2) and cucumber salad. Pair a German beer: Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Authentic German Pork Roast — $18.99 Schweinebraten Two slices of tender, yet crispy baked German pork roast, topped with gravy, served with tangy red cabbage & parsley potatoes. Pair a German beer: Kostritzer Black Lager

Chicken Schnitzel Pretzel Sandwich — $14.99 Chicken Schnitzel fried to perfection, topped with melted cheese, tomato, grilled onions, on a Pretzel with Jeanette’s aioli. Served with steak fries. Pair a German beer: Radler

Cheesespätzle: Käsespätzle — $14.99 Fluffy German egg noodles combined with the Chef’s choice of melted prime brie cheese, served with a mixed salad. Pair a German beer: Hofbrau Lager

The Authentic Hamburg Hamburger — $13.99 1/2 pound German “Frikadelle” on a Pretzel bun topped with caramelized onions, special Jeanette’s sauce (optional) lettuce, tomatoes (add chees $2), served with steak fries (or mixed salad). Vegetarian option available. Pair a German beer: Hofbrau Lager

Vegan Entrees

Vegan Curry Wurst – $15.99 Two hearty vegan sausages, topped with sweet & tangy curry sauce, served with steak fries & mixed greens.

Vegan Schnitzel – $17.99 Crispy vegan Schnitzel served with steak fries and mixed green salad, in a light vinaigrette.

Jeanette’s Sautéed Veggie Casserole (takes 20 minutes) – $15.99 Fresh, locally-sourced, seasonal vegetables are sautéed in a light herb & white wine sauce & baked in a vegan puff pastry crust.


Jeanette’s Edelweiss Dessert Sampler to share— $ 29.99 Share our four of best desserts: warm Apple strudel with Bavarian whipped crème (or served a la mode / with ice cream – add $2), Black Forrest Torte, German Chocolate Kisses & fresh Berries and crème (items may change seasonally).

Apple or Cherry (Seasonal) Strudel Apfel- oder Pfirsich Strudel — $ 8.99 Served warm, this apple- (or cherry) filled pastry is a German dessert classic. Served with fresh whipped Bavarian cream or a la mode (vanilla ice cream) – add $2

German Black Forest Torte Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte — $8.99 Freshly baked chocolate cake layered with cherries and whipped Bavarian cream

Bavarian Pretzel & Nutella Bretzel mit Nutella — $ 7.99 Warm Oktoberfest Pretzel pretzel served with a side of Nutella

Kaiserschmarren / German style Pancakes with Preserves — $ 8.99 German pancakes cut in strips, served with preserves (add vanilla ice cream $2)

German Chocolate Kisses – $ 2 A thin wafer topped with a mound of marshmallow fluff, in a thin, crispy shell of semi-sweet Chocolate mousse custard

Fresh Berries on Bavarian Crème- $ 6.99 A light dessert: Fresh Berries served on freshly whipped Bavarian crème or a la mode (with vanilla ice cream) – add $2

Rote Gruetze — $ 8.99 Fresh Berry Parfait Pudding topped with Vanilla Sauce

Bavarian Coffee – $4.50 Coffee (caffeinated / non-caffeinated) with Bavarian whipped cream.

Add a scope of vanilla ice cream ($2)

We rotate various vegan dessert options. Ask your server what we offer today.

Vegan Desserts

Apple Fritters — $ 8.99 Beer battered apple rings, fried to crisp perfection, served with vanilla sauce, or a la mode (with vanilla ice cream) – add $2