Chef Kurt & Jeanette gave a radio interview on KFI AM 640. Hear about  the misconception that the German Cuisine is supposedly  heavy and even fating. That is actually  not correct and it is certainly not the case at Jeanette’s Edelweiss. Here it’s all about using  fresh, high quality and  locally grown ingredients and it’s about how you combine and cook them : Chef Kurt knows how to do it just right, so it’s flavorful and rich, yet not heavy. You will also hear Kurt speaking about German food being a little complicated to make, which explains why there are only a few German restaurants in town. Chef Kurt has that down to a science and he is proud to show the LA and Ventura county  that German food is not a cuisine one should miss out on. Obviously German foods goes well with German beer. German beer is known for being pure, light, yet very flavorful. Jeanette’s Edelweiss has a large selection of imported German beers, which includes even a yummy non-alcoholic beer. Chef Kurt & Jeanette  also speak about their passion about foods and making Jeanette’s Edelweiss a place where you not only enjoy delicious, healthy foods (and yes – they have vegan and vegetarian dishes and desserts!) bu you enjoy the cozy, beer grading style ambiance and the fun entertainment as well. You hear live German folk music that you can dance to (Friday & Saturday), enjoy a Marlene Dietrich tribute (every Thursday), and relax to a live harp guitar performance   every Sunday for a relaxing brunch). Your will hear Chef Kurt and Jeanette speak about their passion for their freshly baked desserts, cakes and pastries.  And it shows: If you come into the restaurant the first thing you see is the beautiful bakery fridge filled with all the fresh baked baked goods you see the passion goes from the main course all the way into desserts to enjoy at Jeanette’s Edelweiss. You can enjoy just the bakery items on their own if you like for the Afternoon Tea Time Special ($7.95 with coffee/tea – daily 2 – 5 PM), or combine them with your meal of course. Lot’s to enjoy at Jeanette’s Edelweiss. Come in and find out :-). Listen to the interview here.