Christmas Eve is the one day in the year for many of us where we have our friends and families around us. We often don’t get a chance to see them throughout the year. On Christmas Eve we get a chance to spend quality time with our close friends and families. 


The Jeanette’s Edelweiss team invites you to enjoy a festive evening with your loved ones and be enchanted by the Holiday spirit.

We vow to make that day a truly special for everyone in your party.  We create a festive atmosphere and  a festive menu with many mouthwatering delights to celebrate this special evening. Be enchanted by our live Christmas Carol and enjoy a very special Christmas Eve  with your friends and family.

You can choose from our special Christmas Menu and our regular menu. We have something delicious for everyone in your party.

And, of course you have to get your Holiday spirit on by starting your evening with  our delicious Christmas beverage: The Gluehwein, a traditional warm, mulled, spiced wine which Germans drink at the  German Christ-kindle Markets throughout Germany